Suurpelto Centre

Suurpelto shoping center has got a new name "Suuris". You will find the latest news and events at

Suurpelto Centre offers a meeting place and local services for the residents of Suurpelto. 

Suurpelto centre has business space all together approximately 4500 square meters in two levels. For the expansion of the shopping center, NCC Property Development has already done plans. For the expansion to take place, an investor for the centre must be found and seen how the first part of the centre will be received by customers.   The expansion work may start in summer 2018.

Suurpellon ostoskeskus on ympäristösertifioitu keskus. Ostoskeskus on toteutettu BREEAM-ympäristökriteereiden mukaisesti, Very Good -tasoon. NCC:n tavoitteena on minimoida rakentamisen ympäristövaikutukset ja tuottaa näin lisäarvoa sekä asiakkaalle että yhteiskunnalle.

Suurpelto Centre offers everything you need
From the 1st floor you will find: 3000 square meter K-Supermarket grocery store, which also has postal services and an ATM. An Indian restaurant Curry Palace, Blacco Grill restaurant and a flower shop "Ihana Kukkanen".
From the 2nd floor you will find: A gym "Talli Gym", LA fitness club for children Gymi, a beer room "Vaappuva Ankka" and a hair salon/beauty salon Riva del Garda.

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