Suurpelto Marthas bring the aspect of everyday well being to our area's events 

Suurpelto Marthas was founded in the spring of 2014. 

We meet on Tuesday evenings odd weeks at Kenno (previous Infopavilion) Suurpellon Puistokatu 18. Derogation shall be disclosed separately. Marthas activities are communal, learning new things and and working together. 

Suurpelto Marthas work actively with different parties and organizations of their own area. They also participate the events arranged in the area. Be a Martha in your own way - be as active as you want to be! By joining our active group you become part of a community where you will receive tips and advices. You willl also support our actions to improve the everyday lives of Finnish homes. 


Contact information:    




Chairperson of Suurpelto Marthas
Eija Määttä
tel.  040-7245192

Vice Chairperson of Suurpelto Marthas
Riitta Scheiman

Anneli Kukkonen