Opinmäki includes a wide range of services for residents of all ages. Opinmäki is both unified primary school and kindergarden, the versatile leisure center.

Opinmäki have built facilities to the international school and the Finnish-speaking comprehensive schools, early childhood education facilities, indoor sports facilities, as well as the library, adult education center and youth services. Interaction and co-operation is also internationally, as well as through information technology that the visit and genuine encounters. The building has a central role in the area of the Community in creating an open meeting place. Action in Opinmäki is based on cooperation and interaction between the actors, as well as that with the residents.

The objective of the design of facilities and activities has been to promote the development and diversification of human well-being and the realization of pluralism, sustainable development, multiculturalism and internationalism. Also on the premises is taken into account in the process of learning, in which learners have an active role in information structuring and production, information which has been acquired by studying and observing. Choice of the technologies to support self-directed learning, supported by education and lifelong learning.

Opinmäki itself is the subject of an instrument and learning. Its services, architecture and culture are created to strengthen lifelong learning for residents of all ages. Some of the services are produced across traditional sectoral boundaries, thereby improving the availability of services. In addition, the sharing and the openness of the spaces create favorable conditions for new operational culture, at the same time as the new business culture more efficient use of space co-operation. Opinmäki opened on 3rd of August 2015.

About Opinmäki:
Size: 16 700 m2
Lead Designer: Esa Ruskeepää Architects
Year: 2015
Competition results for the year: 2011-2012
Competition entries factors: Esa Ruskeepää, Thomas Miyauchi

Project elements:
Architect: Esa Ruskeepää
Lead Designer: Vesa Erikkilä
Project Architect: Sasu Marila

Street address
Lillhemtintie 1
02250 Espoo, Finland

Mailing address
PO Box 3324, 02070 City of Espoo

+35846 9237594

Service Coordinator
Jere Juutilainen
+35846 9232943


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