Apartment blocks in Suurpelto are owner-occupied flats, high-quality rented flats and right-of-occupancy flats. The demand and martket situation will guide the constructors' decision making on building Suurpelto for the next ten years.

The goal is to offer everybody a home that best suits their current situation in life. New apartments will be published at once they become on premarkets. Constructors are in charge of selling the apartments and reserving them.


Owning an apartment brings security and persistence to life. The main form of living in Suurpelto will be owner-occupancy. Owner-occupied flats are close by nature and together forms a high-quality living area that enables good life . If you are interested to know more about owner-occupied flats in Suurpelto, contact the constructor.


Right-of-occupancy is a modern option for living. You get to live in a right-of-occupancy flat by paying a right-of-occupancy payment, which is 15 % of the price of the flat, and a monthly usage substitution. These flats will always stay as right-of-occupancy flats. If you make a decision to give up your right-of-occupancy flat, your investment will be paid back to you with construction expense index. When you want more information about available apartments, contact constructor. By clicking the 'Available now' -button, you will see the current situation.


A rental apartment is a good option for a variety of life situations.


New right-of-occupancy flats from Asuntosäätiö are for sale now: Read more>>