Suurpelto Garden City has a unique location in the middle of Espoo. Everything essential is already available.
In the future, shops, culture and leisure services will also be readily available. 
Suurpelto Association encourages residents to take an active role and to strengthen the communal feeling of the residential area. 
The area will continue to be built, and added to, until 2025. Read more>>

Events in Suurpelto

Event Date Organizer
Puistopiknik / Park picnic 26.08.2017 Suurpelto-seura, Suurpellon Markkinointi Oy
Giro D' Espoo 09.09.2017 Giro D' Espoo
Syödään yhdessä / Let's eat together 01.11.2017 Suurpellon Martat
Joulunavaus /Christmas Opening 17.12.2017 Suurpelto-seura, EIS, Opinmäki

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